Grapes With A Touch Of Texas

1,040 Acre West Texas Vineyard

rows of grapes
plants per acre
total plants
wind machines
grape stakes
ft drip tape
ft trellis wire
pcs of re-bar

Lahey Vineyards is a family-owned vineyard that was established in 2014. The name Lahey comes from a small farming community outside of Brownfield, Texas. The original usage of the name Lahey, was Lahey Farms that was started by owner, Matt Adams, and his Father, Tom, over 60 years ago. The company began with row crops, including cotton, corn, peanuts and wheat grown solely in Terry County.

Along the way, Matt's farming operation has significantly grown in size; included in that growth was becoming partners with Jerry Weaver in the early 80s. Together, the duo has farmed in 10 different counties over the past 35 years. With a combined 80 years of agricultural experience, it only made sense that the partners would put in 800 acres of grapes – making Lahey Vineyards the largest vineyard in Texas.

Terry County produces more than 90% of the wine grapes grown in all of Texas. Currently, there are more than 40 vineyards inside the county, which is growing a reputation as the "Napa Valley" of the Lone Star State.